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I have some interests that are not shared by most people. One includes “officegeeking” – a fascination with office supplies and working in business. Similarly, I’m also moderately interested in gadgets like fax machines, car phones, and PDAs because I associate them with use in business and office settings. Also, I’m moderately interested in typewriters – particularly mechanical ones with foreign scripts. Also, I really like enclosed shopping malls. Finally, I’ve been a “roadgeeking” since I was a little kid.


I have been obsessed with things relating to office and business since I was a little kid. My dad had a job where he used a lot of business stuff, and that inspired me to copy him. The most notable thing was creating my own home office. It was equipped with a Little Tikes table for a desk, a phone, several pencils and pens, and a pencil sharpener. I also pretended my tricycles and carts were my “company cars” and pretended to have “customers and company” (whatever that meant). My most memorable clients and business associates were two imaginary people named Jan, Bood (pronounced like “bud” – or “bod” as in “body,” I think), Bricker, and Chanope.

Nowadays, the “legacy” continues. Obviously, I don’t have imaginary business associates anymore, but I do still like business stuff. Since my childhood, I’ve acquired a filing cabinet, hutch desk, briefcase, and two fax machines! And April 18, 2013, I came up with the term “officegeek” to describe myself – and my interest for office and business stuff.

This page doesn’t really serve much purpose except to explain why I like office and business stuff – and to serve as an index to other parts of my site where relevant material exists.


I have a big love for malls. Their architecture is quite fancy and nostalgic. I especially hate to see that they are in decline in this day and age. While I don’t have a problem with open-market shopping centers, I still love the big, architectural mall structures. While I don’t have a particular favorite mall, some of the ones that stick out in my mind are Southlake Mall, Roswell Mall, and Shannon Mall (later renamed Union Station, sadly closed in late 2010).


I think I’ve been interested in roads since late 1995, but I never actually started roadgeeking until around 2008.

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