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Mobile Phones

I have a bit of an interest in car phones (or at least cell phones in general) since they seem so high-tech and business-like. Maybe back in the early ‘90s they were really special and considered a bit of a luxury, but obviously, in this day and age, it’s not. But I guess my mindset is still in the early ‘90s. One thing I especially like about some car phones is the nifty-looking spiral antenna mounted in the rear windows.

Anyway, my dad got a car phone (an Audiovox CTX-3100A) in April 1991 and had it installed in his Dodge Dynasty company car. Even after he got rid of the Dynasty, the phone was installed in his two subsequent company cars until he quit his job in 1997. In all honesty, I don’t have that big of an interest in this particular car phone. Still, I’ve been curious for some time to know exactly what model was in my dad’s company cars. In August 2012, I at last learned the model number but sadly didn’t find much information on it online.

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Sadly, PDAs are rather out of date now, but there’s something I still like about them. I’d wanted a PDA since around 2003. I had a friend that offered to sell me one, but his price was too much for me. More than a year later, in August 2004, my uncle talked to me on the phone and asked me if I wanted his old Palm m500 since he was getting a new PDA. I was really excited and said I’d be glad to have it. Some time later, I got a small box in the mail with the PDA! It was so awesome. What I like about it is its hard, “boxy” case as opposed to having a flimsy plastic one. Like with cars, I like for electronics to be fairly boxy in appearance and be made of a sturdy, durable material. I also like the fact that it has a black and white screen (mainly since it likely uses less power).

As the years went by, I added new games and such to it. Recently, I even added a program called CyrHack, which allowed me to write in Russian on the PDA! I’d been looking for some Russification programs since 2008, but there was no freeware. But then, I discovered CyrHack II, and I was glad it fulfilled my needs. All in all, this is a good PDA.

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Updated Monday, March 9, 2020