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I think I have loved this car since I was a kid, but I didn’t develop a particular fascination with it until I was ten – sadly by the time it was long gone. Although when I was young I thought the Dynasty was a beautiful, “modern” car to be proud of, I have since learned that most people actually view this car negatively. They think it’s slow, conservative, old fashioned, plain, ugly, whatever. But me? I think it’s exactly the opposite of those things. It just strikes me as such a sharp, unique, nice-looking car that I honestly don’t understand how anyone can hate it. This page is basically reserved for showing appreciation for a great American car that I feel is underrated, overlooked, and criticized.

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Our Dodge Dynasty

On April 11, 1991, my dad got his first “permanent” company car – a champagne (gold) colored 1991 Dodge Dynasty LE – to replace his “temporary” company car – a dark blue Ford Taurus. While we had this car, I seemed to like it a lot – but little did I know just how much I would love it later – and how lucky I was to get to ride in it. My dad had an Audiovox CTX-3100A car phone installed in it and drove the car on business trips a lot. He also used it to drive my mom and me when going on vacations and long-distance destinations, like my grandma’s house and Florida, for instance. Sadly, on May 21, 1993, my dad traded it in for an emerald green 1993 Dodge Intrepid because the lease on the Dynasty was up. Although I liked his new Intrepid (as well as the red one he got in 1995 as a replacement), I still missed the Dynasty. Even several months later, I asked when we would get “Daddy’s car” back.

I don’t think my full love for the Dynasty developed until around 1999 when I was 10. It was then that I had a lot of nostalgia for my childhood in the early ‘90s, and that included the Dynasty. Since then, I have been somewhat obsessed with that car. Although I love my 1989 Toyota Camry DLX, I’d still love to get a Dynasty someday. It’s a shame to think of their population decreasing in numbers as they get sent to the junkyard. What’s worse is that nobody else really likes Dynastys, so as far as they’re concerned, it’s good riddance.

On a positive note, I reached a milestone in January 2011. Although I didn’t get a full Dynasty, I did start to collect parts of them, which is the next best thing! It was in late 2010 that I learned of a car junkyard chain called Pull-A-Part, and I fell in love with the place. There were so many cars to take apart, and the parts were really cheap. It was really a dream come true. While I got some parts for my Camry, I also spent a lot of time taking apart Dynastys and extracting parts from them to keep at home as part of a collection. As of now, I have the front and back light assemblies, the grille, the instrument cluster, and of course, the hubcaps with “triangles.” I was thinking about getting some doors, but they were too expensive and would be bulky and heavy to transport. Indeed, although I don’t have an actual Dynasty, I am grateful for the car I have – as well as the fact that I have several Dynasty parts.

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Why I Like Dynastys

I should first mention that I don’t exactly like all Dynastys. I hate to say it, but some are quite hideous because of their color scheme. I’m mainly pointing the finger at dark purple Dynastys. Undoubtedly, the best-looking Dynastys are gold-colored on the outside and beige-colored inside. To put it simply, I like Dynastys because they look so upright, confident, and sharp. Below is an outline of the main reasons why I like Dynastys.

I suppose another reason I like Dynastys is simply because of nostalgia from my childhood. I have a lot of nostalgia for the early ‘90s since it was a rather happy time for me – not to mention the fact that I happen to like office and business things, so that helps with my interest in the Dynasty. My dad had a 1991 Dodge Dynasty LE as a company car, and he did a lot of business-related traveling in it – and even used a car phone. Our other main car was a white 1986 Oldsmobile Delta 88, and compared to it, the Dynasty just seemed so classy and modern – especially with a fancy, “high-tech” gadget like a car phone and its cool-looking spiral antenna. We also did more traveling to faraway places in the Dynasty, perhaps further giving me the impression that it was a more modern, roadworthy car since people might take their “better” (or at least roomier) cars on long trips. Of course, I think the main reason for this was because our Dynasty was a company car, so we could put miles on it without worrying so much about it – not to mention that it was a few years newer than our Oldsmobile – and we also had the car phone if it was needed.

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Comparison to Other Cars

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Things I Dislike in Dynastys

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