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This page is for another car that I quite like, which happens to be my current car – a 1989 Toyota Camry DLX. Like many cars from the late ’80s and early ’90s, it has characteristics I find appealing in cars, such as having a fairly boxy design (but with gentle enough edges) – and shiny, sparkly paint as opposed to the crude, rough paint jobs of many cars from the ’70s.

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This car originally belonged to my uncle, who took good care of it for many years. He even came to visit us in the car one year. In 2004, he got a newer model Toyota Camry and gave his old one to my grandmother. Even though the car no longer belonged to him, I still thought of it as his car since I’d seen him driving it for so many years. In 2010, my grandmother passed away, and one of her possessions to be taken care of was the Camry. I had never owned a car before, and I figured this would be a good opportunity to get one at long last without having to buy one. That October, we came to my grandmother’s house and towed the Camry back with a trailer. I really wanted to drive the car back, but since we had driven our pickup truck to my grandmother’s house, someone had to drive it back. Nonetheless, it was an exciting milestone. I was getting my very own car, and at last, it returned to our house for the first time in 17 years. In early November, I got the car titled and registered, so at last, it was officially mine! And since then, I’ve gone many places in this car. It’s a really great one to have.

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Updated Monday, March 9, 2020