“Robert” is a cartoon I created in January 2009 and is based on someone I knew in high school. It features a young man named Robert, who loves business and travels between America and Russia as a sales representative – selling high-tech products and services to underdeveloped areas.


I drew my first cartoons of Robert around May 2008. It wasn’t until January 2009 that I used the character for a new comic series. Originally, it centered around three college students (Robert, Daniel, and Joe) that got into wacky adventures. The intent of the cartoon was to have the gang eventually meet Jamie Lynn Spears, and she’d fall in love with Robert (this was during the time following my obsession with Jamie in the summer of 2008). As of August 30, 2012, I have discontinued this old story arc and am now focusing on a new one, where Robert lives and works as a businessman in both America and Russia.


Robert Q. Peaden

A young man who works as a sales representative at his own business called Учительские Промышленности (“Uchitel Industries” or “Teacher Industries” in English). The name has very little to do with the nature of the business – Robert just thought it sounded cool. He sells high-tech products and services primarily to underdeveloped areas of Russia at affordable prices. He has a house in America and an apartment in Russia.

Physically speaking, Robert is around 5’10” and has a fairly muscular build. He also has brown hair and a rather square-shaped head – on which many people comment. He is obsessed with business and is quite a workaholic. He often wears a suit and tie, talks on his mobile phones, sends faxes, and types on his laptop. He also flies between America and Russia and drives around a lot.

It can be said that Robert is also technologically stuck in the early ‘90s. Although he is well aware of newer technology, and even uses it when needed, he has a tendency to prefer using gadgets from the ‘80s and ‘90s. Some examples include his use of an Audiovox CTX-3100A car phone, a Palm m500 PDA, a TeleVideo TS-1605 computer, and a 1991 Dodge Dynasty LE. Although Robert is a little eccentric, he is overall very easygoing, friendly, and willing to help others.

Svetlana Levkova

A young woman who later gets in a relationship with Robert. She also likes business, but not to the same extent as Robert.


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