“Refrigerator” is a cartoon I created in September 1997. I drew many comics up until November 2004 when I decided to retire it in favor of “Big Phill.”


I started drawing Refrigerator in September 1997. In mid-2001, the cartoon series got an overhaul. I made a new story arc in which the characters lived in a rundown trailer park in downtown Atlanta. In late 2004, the characters moved to a lower-middle class neighborhood. By the end of the series, Oven and Dishwasher got married, and the main characters were financially better off.


Oven Milton Crook

Oven was born in 1971 and is a complete moron. He likes collecting junk and doesn’t seem to care that he lives in poverty.

Refrigerator Cold

A very intelligent refrigerator. Is the same age as Oven. Unlike Oven, he tends to be bitter and cynical. Despite his highly educated background, he is only about to find work at a burger restaurant.

Sushi Mitsubashi (AKA Japanese Man)

Like Refrigerator, the Japanese Man is very intelligent (if not more so). However, he has a more optimistic view on life and is more fun-loving like Oven. The two are great pals and enjoy going to Fax World – a theme park for office supply enthusiasts.

Mitch Smith

Mitch is a young man obsessed with computers and technology. Most consider him to be a geek. He constantly gets involved in big arguments over trivial facts with his twin brother, Wolf.

Wolf Smith

Mitch’s twin brother. He is slightly more intelligent but has still been proven wrong on a few occasions.


Mark was a large bully that threatened to beat up Mitch and Wolf in school.


Slummy Trailer Park

A very rundown trailer park in downtown Atlanta.

Fax World

A theme park for office supply enthusiasts. Rather than being outdoors, the park is enclosed and resembles a big box office supply store, rather than a typical amusement park. Oven and the Japanese Man are the most frequent visitors and have season passes. Refrigerator, however, hates it immensely. Fax World has several fax-themed rides – as well as a museum of fax machines. It even sells fax machines and accessories. Each visitor is given a free sample of toner.


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