Big Phill

“Big Phill” was my next main cartoon after “Refrigerator,” featuring a guy who loved big trucks.


In late 2004, I figured that I was getting too old to be drawing “Refrigerator,” so I tried to think of new ideas. The origin for “Big Phill” was called “Joey & Friends.” It was supposed to feature my friends and me. However, as the Phil character became more interesting, I decided to make the cartoon revolve specifically around him. So, in November 2004, I ended “Refrigerator” and “Joey & Friends” and created a whole new comic – “Big Phill.” I drew the comic for a few years until March 2007.


John Phillip Harris, Jr. (AKA Phil or Big Phill)

Phil loves biscuits and gravy – as well as big trucks. He likes to wear plaid shirts. A strong republican.

Tyler Pritchett

A classmate of Phil. He has somewhat shaggy hair and is fairly laid back in personality. Unlike Phil, he is liberal and once called Phil a “stubborn republican.”

Joey Mascola (AKA Joey the Nerd)

Joey is a real nerd, obsessed with the stock market. He wears ties to school and carries a briefcase with stock market data. He also checks his laptop during class to see what the latest stock quotes are – and freaks out when the numbers are bad – causing a class disruption.


Big Phill…“Biscuits and gravy!”
Tyler Pritchett…“You guys are a bunch of stubborn Republicans.”


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